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Chemical Stain

Chemical stain (acid stained concrete) is not a typical stain or dye. Unlike dyes that produce an even color, chemical stain produces the multi-hued, variegated look of natural stone. Chemical stain reacts with the inconsistencies in the finish of your concrete to create a vast difference in color tones ranging from light to dark. Chemical stain may be used in interior and exterior flooring applications. The color outcome of chemically stained concrete is not exact and can be affected by things such as temperature, humidity, wind, and shade/sunlight. As a permanent part of the concrete, chemical stain will not fade, peel, delaminate, or chip independently of the concrete. With the addition of a high quality clear sealer, the stained concrete performs well in high traffic areas. The sealed surface is especially easy to clean and maintain. In outdoor applications we include a non-skid additive in the sealer to minimize slipping.

In areas where the surface of the concrete is not in suitable condition to be stained, an overlay may be applied to provide a suitable surface for staining. This overlay can be appled in several different ways to accommodate the homeowner's texture preferences. On some rare occasions, it is not known that an overlay is needed until after the stain has been applied and the area restained.


Eco-Stain can also be used to produce the multi-hued, variegated look of natural stone. Eco-Stain provides a more easily controlled color outcome than chemical stain for homeowners that are looking for a more specific stained concrete result. Eco-Stain penetrates the concrete with specially formulated pigments. Unlike chemical stains Eco-Stain can be built-up on the concrete surface and there is no extended waiting time for the color to develop. Eco-Stain is available in 29 different colors.